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The creative energy of zoisite is believed to serve as a reset button, returning the mind back to its objectives after an unwelcome interruption. With ruby in zoisite, artists' lives and their art become one. That's the kind of focused, creative empowerment zoisite is said to give.


For adherents of crystal healing, zoisite is believed to affect disorders of the heart, spleen, pancreas and lungs. The ruby in zoisite (anyolite) variety is said to be especially effective on the cardiovascular system.


When creativity seems to have curled up and died inside you or other things keep pulling you away from the work you love, wearing zoisite can work like a mantra, gently calling you back to what you really want to be doing.


Zoisite is affiliated with the astrological sign Gemini, although it is not a formal birthstone. Ruby in zoisite (anyolite) is assigned to the crown chakra, as it is believed to promote individuality while retaining connectiveness.

Ruby Zoisite

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