Mission statement:

To seek brand ambassadors who help educate, enlighten, and enhance the consciousness. To challenge the way of thinking. To use science as love and relate it to our existence; your consciousness is your spirit.

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A Native of New Jersey, born out of Christ hospital in 1988, I moved to Atlanta in 1996 when my mother (Wanda) found an opportunity to raise children and break away from the family norm. We weren't huge church goers, but she used to say "Thank you God for this new day" every morning, and I began to articulate life the same. I was naturally gravitated to a divine sense of cosmic communication.

As the youngest out of my siblings it was natural for me to gravitate to the older crowd. Not only did I have a Discerning Spirit, but I had a mature personality and humor. I was typically the quiet one who was very observant and creative. ​ I understood as a young king my spiritual insight was to heal others. “I just didn’t know how”.  It just took the right timing for the “Self-Sufficient, All Knowing” one to guide my path in a divine message, even if I couldn’t grasp the concept of why He/She chose that path for me.

There was one night I specifically asked The Moon to give me a gift of love that no one else has ever had in the world. One that produced Unity amongst humanity and would lead to the love of The Universe (God). I wanted to represent The Universe with the same message. At this time, I did believe that we were made in Gods image; by the acts of how I adored the creation of nature, pulse, Mother Nature, the solar system, and how we have purpose due to science, everlasting energy, Gods timing, love and an eternal sunlight; however, still subconsciously believing that Earth has a savior who died for all sins.​

The message presented to me through The Universe is uniquely divine!  I searched for the right faith to believe in, like most normal people. ​

In 2010, my child's mother was pregnant with our second child, to be named Princeton, following our first seed Jalyn in 2008. I was 21 years old at this time. In good faith and spirits, I was excited to hold and to raise another God (my son). On July 15th, the same day that my best friend was murdered, Princeton was due for his last check up at the doctor’s office. At the appointment we found out the umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck, suffocating him to death. After supporting his mother through the labor operations, I had the immense gift to hold him in my arms, devouring my soul with each breath I took, praying for him to breathe just once with me. This was the toughest time in my life, having to plan the funeral for my own seed! I was left wondering what it meant when people would say that they “will pray for me and to be blessed”. At that time, in those moments, I did not know what the term "blessed" meant. For a person to trust in God, as young as I was, kind and grateful for life, only to lose their child and have to bury him!!... lead me to lack spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical direction. I felt lifeless!! I struggled to find "energy" or even understand what the term meant. The Universe led me to define both terms, separately, to uplift myself from depression, mental health disorders, anxiety, and suicide. I battled with these two terms dramatically. ​

We now have The Birth of Bless Energy, due to the death of my son.


I intend to uplift others through inspiring messages, positive energy, and conscious-lead spiritual thoughts.

It was my misery! For God's ministry!


​I do not take life for granted...


​We Are, Blessed, with Energy.

​Science. Love. Energy.

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